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Ishvar Krishnan is a 21st Century Mystic Tamil Poet. Blessed with the grace of light he hopes to win the war he has waged with his mind and
be the immortal self that he is.  Pose him with the question "Why?" - he would smile with his eyes and the rest is upon our minds. 

He has been writing poems since 2012, As he usually says
"I am but a failed attempt in translating heaven in terms of earth." He looks forward to stop writing, " Once they start to understand silence, words would cease to exist." He strongly denies any differences and says "Happiness is never pertained to a single person, happiness is always eternal. Anything that is not eternal is not happiness."

He laughs at and with other mortals to the joke that "We mortals are just unaware immortals."  

Kaadhalai Nokki - The Podcast

In this lifely cycle of waking up, running, sleeping and repeating the same. There came a question "எதை நோக்கி?" - Where am I heading?

That was when I paused. Looked around, Looked inside and said, 
We are going towards "Love" - காதலை நோக்கி. 

I wake up everyday, to continue in this journey towards love. 

Kaadhalai Nokki Title Track

Olarum Oruvan - The Podcast

Vibrations of the vocal cord creating disturbances in the wave of silence - words they call it and attribute a meaning with the mind. Not stopping with  just that, the mortals moves on to define morals and fight for it. What if one amongst them stops using the mind and laughs at everything? All he talks is mere - blabber. That blabber is this podcast and the one that blabbers - Olarum oruvan.

Olarum Oruvan Title Track
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